5 things the Batman Vs Superman movie needs to get right.

2015 will be a huge year for movies, with The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Terminator 5, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, Antman and potentially Star Wars: Episode VII.


One movie that people have doubts over is the untitled Batman and Superman film, what people are calling Batman Vs Superman or The World’s Finest. Man of Steel was intended to be the start of the DC Cinematic Universe eventually leading up to the Justice League movie. There were both positives and negatives which came out of it. The critics didn’t click with it and some complained about the overuse of action. However, fans seemed to love it and it performed quite well at the box office. I personally liked it, i thought in some stages it was exhilarating and powerful but sometimes i felt it needed to slow down, especially in the second half of the movie.

If Batman Vs Superman is going to be good, it needs to get the following things right:

1.) The balance of action.


A common criticism against Man Of Steel was the non-stop and slightly wearing action of the second half of the movie. Batman Vs Superman needs to balance this factor through allowing the story to breathe. Batman Vs Superman could become a critical nightmare. I believe Goyer has a great script going, and if utilized properly by Snyder, we could have a great movie on our hands.

2.) It needs to let go of Christian Bale’s Batman.


I personally think there is no way they can top the way Batman is portrayed in The Dark Knight trilogy, but they can’t let themselves try and reproduce the formula that Christopher Nolan used so well. Affleck is a much different person to Bale, and i think this will show in his performance. I think that Affleck will floor everybody. He has matured over the last few years and has made wise decisions with his acting roles and his directing. He wouldn’t have chosen this if he didn’t think he could pull it off.

3.) Humour


Another part of Man of Steel that was criticized was its lack of comedic relief. With Batman now thrown into the mix, the sequel is set to get a hell of a lot darker. One of the reasons The Avengers clicked with audiences was because of its banter between the main heroes. I’m not saying that they should go all out on the laughs, but perhaps create some banter between Batman and Superman, a little like Batman and Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises.

4.) A truly formidable and intimidating villain.

ImageI didn’t find General Zod to be a very intimidating villain, i almost found Faora to be more formidable than Zod. If the rumours are true and they do cast Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor, than he can’t be what Kevin Spacey was in Superman Returns. Cranston has already proved he can be an intimidating character as Walter White in Breaking Bad. The villain must be powerful and intersting to contrast against the dynamo of Batman and Superman.

5.) Expanding the DC Cinematic Universe.


Seeing as though they are including Batman, than this point is something they are already getting right. They need to have references to Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and The Flash. Possibly follow in the same vein as Marvel, with having an after credits scene teasing the next movie. Hopefully Warner Bros. will announce future DC movies with new characters but for now, this is the perfect way to build up to a Justice League movie.

– Logan