Thoughts on Julianne Moore as Alma Coin in Mockingjay.

Julianne Moore has been cast as Alma coin in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 and 2.

Great choice Lionsgate! Moore is an incredible actress and this is the casting choice they needed to make to bolster the weakest story in The Hunger Games books. Moore is perfect for the stubborn and enigmatic coin and will bring a new life to the role. I think she will play greatly of Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss and could create fantastic chemistry between the two.


People were suggesting Sigourney Weaver and Jodie Foster for the role but i think Weaver might have been a little boring and Foster didn’t impress me in Elysium in which she was in a similar role. Moore has been nominated for an Academy Award four times and i think this is the role that might earn her her fifth nomination or even a win.

Fantastic decision from Lionsgate, my hopes have been re-vamped for Mockingjay.

– Logan.